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Specializing in Small cell bees, open mated queens and packages

5 Frame Nucs
BYOB (Bring your own box)
Your choice of medium or deep boxes

$250 if it is shipped plus shipping charges
Buy 25 Nucs and pay just $150 per Nuc. (Pick up only)



Queens $30
Shipping extra

Breeder Queens
Pick up only
You will see them in working hive to verify performance
$200 each


Packages with queen of your choice
Pick up only

2 pound package is $90

3 pound package is $115

Don Nucs

Pollination Services
Call for details

Contact Information:
Don Kuchenmeister
292 Ashley Brook Dr.
Lula, GA 30554
(706) 677-3502

Email Don for more info:

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Please contact the webmaster;